We are hospitality professionals who are proud of where we come from and want to be in touch with that.

We are hospitality professionals who are proud of where we come from and want to be in touch with that.

We believe in the uniqueness of the Australian landscape and significance of local flavours across the globe.

We believe in challenging ignorance, celebrating variety and supporting creativity.

We believe in sharing knowledge, passion and culture for the generation that follows us.

We believe in striving for sustainable industries considering impact on the environment, community and self.

We believe in supporting and understanding where our food and beverage comes from in a time where money and corporate contracts dictate how we learn and what we consume.


Unite Australian producers on a level playing field that celebrates their authentic collective brand and benefits them by promoting the Australian independent category.

Challenging the current climate that is dominated by brands with large marketing budgets and give tomorrows bartenders’ solid foundations to grow as unbiased educated professionals.

Promote discussion, thought and content on the use of Australian produce, products, sustainability concepts in food and consumerism within the boarder commercial hospitality community.

Promote discussion, thought and genuine connection between where our food comes from, how it gets to us, those that produce it and those that consume it.

Promote discussion, thought and content on the significance of relationships. Namely Australian agricultural produce, Australian agricultural producers, local makers and craft people, people in commercial hospitality settings and consumers.



A targeted educational program presenting curriculum outlining the significance of celebrating where we come from with what we serve and the unique flavours available to us

An interactive workshop discussing food and beverage industries, food production, consumerism, and our place in the global food supply system

A structured journey through the Australian landscape of produce, producers, wine makers and distillers, and flavours special to this environment

A showcase of products and producers from a variety of local settings to encourage consumerism of local ingredients and craft products

A relevant look at what is unique at our disposal as industry professionals, and practical application of how to use and why we should use it

Content orientated around story telling influencing consumerism focussing on Australian independent producers and makers:

  • You-Tube Chanel OR web series
  • Presence on virtual training programs
  • Social media content
  • Regular fresh produce seasonality reports targeted at Bartenders
  • Creating a global movement that truly celebrates local flavours and independent products through relationships and international promotions
  • A travel show with a variety of perspectives that discusses the importance of local flavours, sustainability, and supporting local independent makers with chefs, bartenders, journalists, celebrities providing content for consumers to relate to and be inspired by.

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