Pure Distillery Company

666 Original Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Cape Grim; Tasmania
  • Producer/Distiller: Pure Distillery Company / Dean Lucus

Tasting notes: Rye bread and dark chocolate on the nose and palate, cracked pepper, vanilla, hazelnut, and a touch of gunpowder to finish.

Description: For more than 25 years, Dean Lucas has owned and operated iconic restaurant and bar venues in Melbourne, Victoria. Discovering this wild but idyllic location Dean discovered both Cape Grim Water and the perfect independent Tasmanian distillery partner. In 2007, he began to craft a new vodka using local ingredients including the world’s purest rainwater (scientifically proven). The hand-crafted vodka is produced using a slow small batch distillation process before mellowing the spirit with activated charcoal. The use of the world’s purest rainwater allows us to capture and share the distinctive essence of Tasmania’s raw terroir.

Hartshorn Distillery

Sheep Whey Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Birch’s Bay, Tasmania
  • Producer/Distiller: Hartshorn Sheep Whey Distillery / Ryan Hartshorn      

Description: Ryan and his family run Grandvewe Cheeses in Birchs Bay located deep in Tasmania’s south. When making cheese, the whey is often discarded and put to little use. Ryan has spent the last two years discovering how to turn the complex sugars held within the whey protein and convert them into a basic sugars to then ferment into alcohol and eventually distil. The resulting distillate has a delicately sweet bouquet and extremely smooth finish, thanks to the dairy influence and traditional aging methods. Micro-distilled boutique sheep whey vodka from the smallest distillery in Australia. Unfiltered 80 bottle batches using a 200L glass column still. Each bottle and label is hand painted by head distiller Ryan

Tasting notes: Milk sweetness, grassy and creamy texture which can change over time due to the inevitable oxidization coming from the unfiltered nature of the spirit. Over time, notes of vanilla and toffee become more prominent across the nose and palate.

McHenry Distillery

Puer Distilled Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Mount Arthur; Port Arthur, Tasmania
  • Producer/Distiller: William McHenry Distillery / Bill McHenry

Description:  Mount Arthur stands sentinel over Port Arthur and this great southern port, with its deep harbour, opens southward into the Great Southern Ocean. Triple distilled vodka from the family run distillery of McHenry and sons focuses on the use of pure water and clean air to bring forth the best possible products. Puer’s (pronounced Pure) nose is light and easy – there’s a touch of vanilla, but you really have to go looking for it.

Tasting notes: Light and easy on the nose, rich vanilla on the palate, slight woodiness with a simple, yet elegant clean finish.

Archie Rose Distillery

Archie Rose Original Vodka (700ml)

  • Origin: Rosebery; Sydney, New South Wales
  • Producer/Distiller: Archie Rose Distillery / Will Edwards & Dave Withers

Description: Produced from twice carbon-filtered Sydney water and Australian wheat. First Sydney based distillery since 1853 (Est 2013)

Tasting note: Clear. White pepper, mineral and lemon peel aromas follow through to a light to medium bodied profile with creamy citrus, pepper, bread-dough and a dry, chalky, citrus peel accented finish. 40% Alc./Vol.

Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery

Hippocampus Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Braeside; Victoria
  • Producer / Distiller: Hippocampus distillery & Boatrocker Brewery (Made by Hand Group) / Lex Poulsen

Description: Originally a Perth-based, they moved the whole distillery, bar and cellar door across the country to Melbourne’s southeast to join family member Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers. The brain child of Little Creatures founders and former owners, Nic Trimboli, Howard Cearns and David Martin. They are an independent Australian distillery founded in 2014. Using traditional methods and quality ingredients they bottle each small batch by hand. They are proud to be using biodynamic farmed wheat from Australia’s Wheatbelt, fermenting in small tanks using an organic yeast and then distilling in custom made copper pot still.

Tasting notes: Flavours of vanilla and fruit shine through with a super smooth mouthfeel embracing the soft sweet flavour of the wheat but not too much to strip away this wonderful texture.

Lawrenny Estate

Saint Clair Vodka (700ml)

  • Origin: Ouse; Central Highlands, Tasmania
  • Producer / Distiller: Lawrenny Estate / Joe Dinsmoor

Description: The story of Lawrenny commenced as early as 1818, established by one of the most colourful characters in the history of Van Diemen’s Land, the colonial cattle tycoon , Lt. Edward Lord. At the time comprising of approximately 80,000 acres, Lawrenny Estate became renowned for farming premium cattle and sheep stocks as well as abundant fields of Wheat, Barley and Hops. Today, Lawrenny Estate is all about delivering to you the finest quality, premium Tasmanian produce while also hosting crazy fertile pastures and breading Black Angus beef cattle that are among the finest in the world. The waters of Lake Saint Clair are some of the world’s most pure. Swept by wild Antarctic winds, these pristine waters meld into the River Derwent, and down through Lawrenny Estate. Infused with small batch distilled botanicals found on the Estate, Saint Clair Vodka is the unadulterated product of Lawrenny.

Tating Notes: Creamy, semi-sweet opening aromas of meringue, becoming drier after exposure. Later inhalations hint at white pepper and lemon peel. A soft, creamy, middle-weight, medium fresh vodka with delicate pepper warmth and textural qualities.

Bass & Flinders Distillery

Sheerwater Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Red Hill; Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
  • Producer / Distiller: Bass & Flinders Distillery / Holly & Wayne Klintworth

Description: Bass & Flinders Distillery was founded in 2009 by Wayne Klintworth and Bob Laing. They produce grape spirit using an Alembic Pot Still to create a range of distillations including award winning gins, grape based Vodka, Limoncello, Grappa and a five year aged spirit, Ochre. Wayne and Bob shared this passion together until Bob’s very sad and sudden passing in 2016. The business is now operated by Wayne and his daughter Holly Klintworth. Wayne and Holly are continuing to push limits and create products that are unique and well crafted. Their spirit is distilled from Shiraz and Chardonnay grapes which is what gives the products a great flavour profile. They are very proud of their vine to bottle ethos.

Tasting notes: Crystal clear viscous appearance. Grappa like with sweet yet fresh raisin bread and underlying candle wax notes. A semi sweet, satiny delivery includes raisin and sweet spice flavours. Concludes pleasantly warm, vibrant and with hints of beeswax in the fade. Far from neutral!

Stone Pine Distillery

Native Citrus Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Bathurst; Central West, NSW
  • Producer/Distiller: Stone Pine Distillery / Ian Glen

Description: Established in 2008 Proprietors, Bev and Ian Glen have their roots in the Scottish brewing and distilling industry. They moved to Australia complete with children and dog in 2006 with the aim of establishing Bathurst’s first micro distillery. Bev, with her background in running various Edinburgh pubs, manages the Cellar Door, while Ian is the distiller. He is a biochemist and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Brewing & Distilling from Heriot-Watt University. The Vodka is a high purity spirit infused with fresh finger limes, then pot distilled to capture the unique flavour of this native citrus fruit in a silky smooth, premium vodka.

Tasting Notes: The Vodka is zesty with citrus lime notes evident on the nose and palate, with a warm, peppery finish and a silky smooth alcohol delivery.

Distillery Botanica

Skillion Blue Vodka 40%

  • Origin: Erina; New South Wales
  • Producer/Distiller: Phillip Moore

Description: Lovingly handcrafted in picturesque gardens on the central coast, NSW Australia. Made in a Holstein Still specially imported from Germany. The Holstein Still is highly evolved to create a much finer and purer flavour.

Tasting Notes: A silky smooth, richly textured vodka with a sweet grain aftertaste.

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