hoochery distillery.

  • Origin: Ord River Valley, Kununurra, Western Australia
  • Producer/Distiller: The Hoochery Distillery / (Vail Raymond (Spike) Bernard Dessert III), Dessert family
  • Production: Rum, Whiskey, Liqueur
  • website: http://www.hoochery.com.au

Californian born owner, developer and farmer Spike Dessert fell in love with the Kimberley when he saw it in 1972. In 1995 with the onset of Sugar Cane being grown in the Ord River Valley, he saw a way to diversify his dream and created the Hoochery – the oldest continuously operating distillery in Western Australia.

Built on his farm just outside of Kununurra in the heart of the beautiful Ord River Valley is a small pot distillery, which has the capacity to produce over 50,000 bottles of Rum a year. The Ord River Rum is made from local sugar cane, wet season rainwater and yeast that is all vat fermented, pot distilled, charcoal filtered, aged in oak barrels and hand bottled. The distillery is 100% Australian owned and operated.

The rum is aged in 300 liter Oak barrels which naturally colours and flavours the Rum, resulting in a very smooth tropical flavour with an oaky finish.

As the local sugar mill shut down Spike decided to travel to Columbia at the beginning of 2009 to look into cane crushing processes there. He then imported a cane crusher from Columbia and The Hoochery now has 3 hectares of sugar cane under plantation on the farm, which is hand cut and crushed to make a sugar syrup which is now the base product of all of their products.

Sadly father, farmer and hooch maker Raymond (Spike) Bernard Dessert III passed away in 2017 at the age of 73. His rum is still made today by his Family and Hoochery staff.

Ord River Overproof Rum 56.4%


An overproof Aussie rum created in Western Australian, a bigger brother of the Premium expression. A solera style rum with a molasses base, this is aged in American oak casks which previously held red wine. It has been charcoal filtered to help pull through a smooth finish.

Tasting note: Polished copper brass colour. Offers up powerful scents of dilute golden syrup, liquorice bullets, raw sugar and vanilla. A silky entry leads into a concentrated, initially dry then bitter sweet and mildly prickly profile that includes fruit and nut dark chocolate, charry oak and liquorice bullets followed by sweeter golden syrup and brown sugar flavours to close. Good persistence and well balanced given the high ABV.

Hoochery Distillery Ord River Premium Rum 40%


Aged in oak barrels that will go on to hold Hoochery’s Raymond B Whisky, this rum is pot-distilled and made with local Ord River Valley wet-season rainwater.

Tasting Notes: Initially holding enough bite to take off a nose, once the rum settles it opens to a delectably sweet nose of vanilla and freshly-cut marzipan. Oak is prevalent with the wood bringing delicious tones of spices, tart orange, and cinnamon. Incredibly smooth on the palate, spiced vanilla is dusted with cardamom, waltzing towards sweet soft fruits and flowers. The finish is long, lush, and creamy.”

Hoochery Distillery Ord River Single Barrel Sellection Cask Strength Rum 64.9%


A single barrel expression of rum. Unlike the Premium and Overproof expressions which are created from solera vats and have a consistency of flavour, each cask has it own unique impact on the rum. Bottled at cask strength, you get a really intense and complex flavour profile – the casks chosen for single barrel releases are chosen by flavour. The single barrel release showcases just how seriously the operation is taking its rum.

Tasting note: Very deep copper / bronze. Enticing aromas of brown sugar, raisin cake, butter menthol lozenge and more, with the second pass richening further adding vanilla and hints of banana cake rounding off a great sniff. Huge yet balanced delivery features mocha, bitter-sweet toffee and baking spice followed by golden syrup, light banana confectionary and cocoa at the finish. Really intense. Heaps going on here. Great rum. 64.9% Alc./Vol.

black gate distillery

  • Origin: Mendooran, Central West, New South Wales
  • Producer / distiller:  Black Gate Distillery / Brian Hollingworth & Genise Hollingworth

Description: Established 2009 in a rural setting and a climate conducive to aggressive spirit maturation Black Gate produce Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum which are both brewed and distilled on site. The distillery capacity is around 3000 litres of whisky and about 1000 litres of rum annually. They use direct fired copper pot stills of 630 litres and 300 litres capacity that produce spirit on the richer end of the flavour spectrum. They pretty much stick with traditional methods and aim to use local grains and refinery molassis for all of their products. Often single cask, Brian and Genise Hollingworth are currently managing to fill just 15 casks a year – that’s well up on the original three-or-so they were managing – hence the demand for their releases.

Black Gate Single cask rum 40%


Black Gate Single Cask Rum matured in a 100 litre cask that previously held Black Gate Whisky and before that, Australian Sherry, before being re-coopered. A lighter rum with hints of whisky and sherry, made from fermented refinery molasses, double distilled in a traditional all copper, direct fired pot still. There are no added sugars or flavours in any of our rums, it is rum in its most natural form.

Black Gate Single Cask Overproof Rum 51%

Black Gate Single Cask Overproof Rum is ex-port cask, which was then bottled and released as part of their overproof 51% range. This has been distilled from fermented refinery molasses and then double distilled through the distillery’s direct fired copper pot still then matured for two years in a 100 litre re-coopered cask that previously held Australian Tawny Port. The port cask has blessed this release with big all-natural toffee notes, a hint of spice and the classic Black Gate caramels. Boozy, rich and delicious.

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