Great Southern Distillery

  • Origin: Robinson, Albany, Western Australia
  • Producer/Distiller: Great Southern Distilling Company / Juergen Schludi & Cameron Syme
  • Production: Whisky, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Liqueur.
  • Kinfolk: Margaret River Distilling (Giniversity), Porongurup Distillery (Tiger Snake)
  • Website:

Established in 2004, Great Southern Distillery is presently Western Australia’s only Single Malt Whisky producer. Their product labelled ‘Limeburners’ is named after an area close to the distillery, ‘Limeburners Creek’.

“Our unique points are (1) pristine environment, (2) access to world class malting barley, pristine water, and a cool marine climate for the slow maturation of our whisky” says Symes.

Bavarian born, Juergen Schludi is the Master Distiller at Great Southern, with more than sixteen years experience in the distillation of spirits, flavours and essences. But Syme also insists on getting involved with the distilling. The production process is unusual in that it employs a 7-10 day fermentation period, much longer than most, but at Great Southern, they believe it allows for the development of more fruity characteristics. Small batch distillation takes place in traditional copper pot stills and as with most micro-distilleries, only individual barrel expressions are released.

Wood selection is unusual. For example, this years Limeburners release (M6) has been matured in a small Brandy cask, then finished in a French oak ex- Pinot Noir barrel. Bourbon, Australian Port, Sherry, and ex-table wine barrels from Margaret River and Great Southern region are also used.

Whalebone Brandy


This premium Brandy is made by distilling specially selected wines, (predominantly Pinot Noir) from the Great Southern and Margaret River regions of Western Australia, using a double distillation process in traditional copper pot stills, followed by the minimum legally required period of two years in oak.

Tasting note: Very pale gold colour. An unusual bouquet includes opening scents of cheesecake and cinnamon doughnut. With time in the glass, the aroma settles into a more mainstream brandy profile revealing sweet oak, cinnamon, clove, traces of honey and prune accompanied by a gentle spiciness. Light to medium bodied, the palate is relatively subdued, offering medium dry flavours including clove followed by a brief fruit-cake like burst. Well balanced. The sweet spices accentuate with cinnamon and clove repeating on the finish and persisting into the aftertaste. Comes across as a brandy interpretation of spiced rum.

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