This is a project developed by an Australian gastronome, researching the history of food, where it comes from, who grew it, transported it and processed it. Advocating that knowing more about where our produce comes from will transform us from ignorant gluttonous consumers into knowledgeable co-producers.

People, culture, our relationship with food and the land are profoundly interrelated, and understanding these relationships is crucial in pursuing a livable, healthy and autonomous future.

Driven by an innate purpose to provide a genuine platform for tomorrow’s communities to discover the agricultural foundations that fuel our ecxistance.

A program birthed from the hospitality industry that values where produce comes from, who makes our products and explores what it takes and what results will be discovered by genuinely supporting sustainable autonomous industries into the future.

I dream of connecting local flavours and independent producers with those that prepare, serve, recommend, sell and eat with the hope of influencing a more livable future for everyone.

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